A message to the world, but especially my sister…

With 27 days until departure I have a lot of thoughts and emotions vibrating in my head. I have this very powerful feeling that many of these goodbyes I’m making are somewhat permanent. I know that my childhood home will always be just that- a part of my childhood. I am contented by the fact that I will always remain close with the people who matter most- whether it is by my own effort or theirs. I know that I will always have the excellent memories to keep my heart full and my eyes wide and looking forward. I am also aware that this move is a defining turning point for me- a step out into the real world (so to speak.)

It is a sentimental thing to do- move away and leave your loved ones behind. I don’t fool myself into thinking I could do this alone. I am so grateful to my sister who is fun, enthusiastic, wise, and the best duet singer I know. I could not go on this adventure without her. So despite all the fears- mostly the fear of the unknown- I am warmed and comforted by the fact that I am not going to be alone. I am going to be with my very first best friend. The one who read to me before she knew how to read. The one who taught me my love for all things Disney and Harry Potter. The one who listens to me when I cry about a stupid boy and makes me laugh about things that aren’t even funny. The only person who truly knows my past, and will always be there in my present and future.

It is a crazy adventure we are going on. And yes, I mean crazy/insane/loco/wtfmate kind of way. But with all of this in mind- the crazy and all- I realize that I’m not scared. We are going to be just fine




One thought on “A message to the world, but especially my sister…

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