I’m now here alone!


Annika left.

We packed her things and took her to the airport- the same one we arrived at only 5 months ago. We hugged our goodbyes and pretended like it was just a few days apart. I am terrified. I am torn. I am so sad. She is my closest friend from birth and the person who helped me through every decision I made in this country. I don’t really know what to do now. Except just be sad. And deal with it…..

What to look forward to now?

Well- I am a bartender and looking to be a cocktail mixologist by the end of the week (oh yes- very exciting stuff.) I am still trying to meet new people and make new friends but it is always a slow process. I have a new flat mate. I have a couple activities I’m involved in. I am genuinely open minded to the next couple months. I guess first off I should tell you all about my new house mate.

His name is Corentin- and he is a French chef.

He is lovely.

He makes great French food. He is all smiles. He is yoga and guitar and warmth and spirit. I truly am excited to get to know him and enjoy his company. (ooh la la)

Secondly I am already looking into booking my first trop (I think June)- I just can’t decide between Italy, Greece, Morocco, Spain and Iceland. Decisions decisions 😉

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