This will be a TMI post. Ye Be Warned…

One of the most wonderful (and sometimes infuriating) things about living with your sister is how in sync you are with each other. You often find yourself laughing the same way, or saying the same thing, and I won’t even get into how many times people pipe up on how much we look a like. Today though. Today the sister bond reached new heights. Because you see….

The redcoats have arrived.

Oh? Don’t know to what I am referring? Let me try again…

  • It’s shark week.
  • We’re surfing the crimson wave.
  • The uterus ninjas are here
  • Code Red, Code Red!!

Ok…hopefully you get the idea. If not, Google it.

But seriously! It happened an hour apart. I texted her while at work which is how we found out. What’s a girl to do when it’s not one of us but two!? The emotional fragility of our flat was at stake!


Being the amazing sister I am, I brought home chocolate and wine. Cuz like…duh. Chocolate.

Thing is, we ran out…(again. duh) So at 11:35pm Kelsey (being the amazing sister SHE is) decides to make chocolate muffins out of what we have in the cupboards. Cuz chocolate. Tescos is a 10 minute walk from here but ain’t nobody got time for that. We’re way too lazy. Also cuz cramps. Also there was that wine involved…remember the wine? 
So yeah. Chocolate.

Cuz. Chocolate.

If we eat all the muffins we may still go to Tescos. They have Nutella there. And chocolate frosting…
Cuz (all together now) chocolate.

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