Short and Sweet

Kelsey got promoted! YAY! Of course she did. I see her even less now but she’s kicking ass and taking names.

We’re both poor as fuck. This sucks for a variety of reasons but the main one has to be when friends (with all their good intentions) ask if we’ve seen/done xyz yet. No. No we haven’t. Why? Because we’re poor and working all the time. We’re not on vacation. We live here. Do you lot have the money and time to see all the amazing things your city has to offer? No, of course not. Cuz you’re poor and working all the time too. I get you. So while we’re trying to soak up the culture as much as possible, we can only do it on our days off and with limited pocket money. That in mind, we’re planning a trip to the highlands in the next month.

I have my auditions and am preparing for them. The classical acting audition is March 3 and the musical theater one is March 7th.

I’ve made two friends! Woohoo!! #popular

I’m flying to NYC the 2nd week of March for more auditions. And after that I’ll be returning to California. I’ll hopefully be back in Scotland in the fall attending RCS. I so hope that works out! If not, I’ll be staying in the Bay Area for the foreseeable future and figuring out new things from there. We’ll see. Things change every day. I’ve enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) my time here, but it is not my home nor do I want it to be. Time to go back to where I truly want to be.


I’ve got 2 months left in this country. Let’s do it.

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