The Journey


Ok. So where to begin. Usually at the beginning. I haven’t slept in close to 24 hours so we’ll see how grammatically correct and articulate this ends up being.

We arrived at SFO in plenty of time and it was by far one of the smoothest entries into an airport we’ve ever had. Having a German passport is like having an all access pass into Europe. No questions, no fuss, no issues whatsoever. We just breeze right through.

There was some concern while checking our bags that we weren’t going to be able to take everything we’d packed along with us. We even had our dad grab a giant bag incase we had to throw things into it at the airport. But the woman behind the counter was very sweet to us and allowed us to take all our bags despite it being a few kg overweight. You could tell they were VERY confused as to why we were bringing so much stuff with us…I guess a one way ticket to a foreign country isn’t the most common thing ever…

One fun thing that happened before we even got going was me realizing I’d left my debit card in my house…yeah. I know. I’m an idiot. I have my credit card. My passport (both of them) social security card, birth certificate, cash…everything. But the card I use for every day purchases and which has no (I repeat, NO) transaction fees overseas is sitting somewhere in Orinda, CA. Typical. Thankfully I called the bank while sitting in SFO and they’re FEDEXing me a new debit card to our hotel. They’re badasses and I’m super grateful. But. You know…I’m mostly stupid.

Currently sitting in an airport in Copenhagen. The flight here was pretty uneventful. We were given a HUGE data dump of TV shows and movies (Cheers Dylan) so we’ve been watching Misfits throughout the majority of the day. That is, until my laptop dies and I need to charge it back up again… We’ve been sitting in this airport for about 6 hours and then will be getting on a plane to Stockholm. We’ll then be in Stockholm for about 12 hours before finally taking our last flight and arriving in Edinburough….phew. We certainly didn’t make it easy for ourselves did we? Write more when there’s more to report….

…. Well- Kelsey here. Sitting here at 2:48 AM In Stockholm Sweden. There was a lot of casual chatter about us going in to the city and seeing the sights – but due to flight delays and a general lack of sleep we ended up just sticking out the night together in the airport. Surrounded by everyone else sleeping in the airport having just as miserable of a time.

Now, despite all of this we still managed to enjoy some of this trip. While hanging out in this giant airport we decided to get a nice sit-down meal. As homage to our swedish heritage a giant plate of swedish meatballs and potatoes with lingone berry sauce was the menu item of choice. Delectable. And the .75L of beer helped too. If you ever find yourself in Sweden just trust me on this- Swedish meatballs is ALWAYS the way to go.

After dinner Annika decided she wanted a cup of tea so we went down to this cute 24 hour cafe in the airport. She ordered a tea, paid, added some cream and while leaving gladly exclaimed “guten tag!” – For all our dear readers out there who doesn’t know what this means let me explain: Guten Tag is in fact the German Phrase for Good Day! as in “Oh hello good day to you sir!” – Poor guy had no idea what she said so of course i reminded her that in Sweden they speak Swedish and in Germany they speak German. That was a pretty good laugh. And as she reads this over my shoulder we can laugh again.

We watched the Pixar movie “Inside Out” cried our eyes out at the end when she’s about to get on the 80 east over the bay bridge (damn you Pixar!) So I guess it’s safe to say that we miss home already but are still very encouraged about the awesome experiences ahead.

Nothing else to report really. Airports are all the same. This one is quite large. As for how we’re really holding up I think we are both using Kimmy Schmidt’s motto- We can do anything for ten seconds- so we just have to take it all in ten seconds at a time.

more later then….

It took us over 36 hours but we’re here. Jetlagged as all get out, no clue what we’re doing, and a bit hungry.

But we’re here. 10 seconds at a time right? Let’s see what this city has to offer…

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